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GPS Switched Filter

GPS Switched Filter

Bree Engineering is pleased to announce our new line of surface mount Switched Filter Banks

The multi-channel switched filter Bank products cover from 100MHz up to 8 GHz and are now in production. We offer customizable multi-channel, TTL Controlled Switched Filter Banks that use a +5 volt DC bias and a 0V/+5V control logic (3.3vdc optional). Units are available 2 or more channels, and using any of the filters currently manufactured by Bree Engineering, with custom band breaks as required. Typical switching speed is 10 – 200 μsec. Rejection up to 70dBc.

As an example, P/N 802998 is a GPS Switched Filter Bank for GPS Bands L1 and L2. Insertion loss is less than 4.0 dBa at center frequency and the 1.0 dBc bandwidths are 1562 MHz to 1585 MHz and 1214 MHz to 1237 MHz respectively. Rejection is 30 dBc min. at <1425 MHz and > 1800 MHz for the L1 channel, and 30 dBc min. at <1170 and >1370 MHz for the L2 channel. Return Loss is 14.0 dB min. in each of these passbands.
Package Size is 1.5 X 0.5 X 0.4 inches (Surface Mount)

Channel 1 Test Data Sheet, pdf
Channel 2 Test Data Sheet, pdf
Outline Drawing, pdf


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