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High Power Switch Filter Bank/Amplifier

High PowerSwitch Filter Bank/Amplifier

Bree Engineering introduces a line of high‐power switched filter banks for Communications, Radar, Electronic Surveillance, and Electronic Countermeasures.

Bree Engineering’s 803437 Series is a 2‐Channel module that integrates a Filters, Amplifiers and Switches. The Switched Filter allows multi‐channel separation as well as accurate custom band selection. The optional Rx LNA provides signal sensitivity and noise reduction, and the LNA bypass is configured to minimize power consumption while providing maximum dynamic range. The Switch controls the multiplexing capability and enables custom configurations of channel selection.

The module can be customized, and generally operate at various bandwidths in the frequency range of 20 MHz to 6 GHz. They have integrated power supplies and very fast PIN driver circuits that can handle 2000W Peak Power. Typical switching speed is 1 µS to 5 µS. The designs are resistant to arcing and are ideal for airborne and high altitude (50,000 feet) applications. VSWR is <2:1, and operating temperature range is ‐40°C to +85°C. This design provides excellent phase noise characteristics under vibration.

Typical package size is 3.0 X 6.0 X 1.2 inches, excluding SMA or TNC connectors.

The assembly is built to achieve stringent MIL‐STD‐202 environmental conditions.

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