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Custom ProductsThe passive components available in the Bree Engineering custom product lines include a broad range of both performance characteristics and unique applications. Filters cover the 0.1 Mhz to 40 Ghz range in Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Bandstop and Multiplexing. 1% to multi-octave 3dB bandwiths are available. These filters can be configured in a number of formats to realize very simple to highly complex filter schemes. While Bree Engineering specializes in surface mount products these same designs can be packaged in more traditional pin outs and connectorized versions. Bree Engineering is capable of providing distributed element type filters, comblines and interdigitals.

Bree Engineering can efficiently design and produce drop-in replacements providing a competitive alternative source. contact our sales team for details.

Our products are available in any Configuration, contact our sales team for details.

Broadband MultiplexerBroadband Multiplexer


This is a diplexer and is part of a series of Broadband Multiplexers offered by Bree Engineering.

High pass filter, 2-18 GHzHigh pass filter, 2-18 GHz

This filter suppresses signals below 1.65 GHz by more than 40 dB, and passes signals from 2.0 GHz to 18.0 GHz with less than 1.0 dB if insertion loss and typically more than 17 dB of return loss in the passband. This filter is available from stock.

2042.5 MHz Telemetry Bandpass Filter2042.5 MHz Telemetry Bandpass Filter

This filter passes 1900 MHz to 2185 MHz with 14.0 dB minimum return loss in the passband. The surface mount package size is 1.5 X 0.3 X 0.2 inches. (Other configurations are available.)

GPS Switched FilterGPS Switched Filter

These multi-channel switched filter banks cover from 100MHz up to 8 GHz and are now in production. We offer customizable multi-channel, TTL Controlled Switched Filter Banks that use a +5 volt DC bias and a 0V/+5V control logic (3.3vdc optional). Units are available 2 or more channels, and using any of the filters currently manufactured by Bree Engineering, with custom band breaks as required. Typical switching speed is 10 – 200 µsec. Rejection up to 70dBc.

Data Link FilterData Link Filter

A series of miniature filters includes a surface mount data link transmitter cleanup filter.

Low Profile Surface Mount LC FilterLow Profile Surface Mount LC Filter

Bree Engineering's 5 section high performance lumped element filter designed into a low profile SMT package.

Low Profile Surface Mount LC FilterLow Profile Surface Mount LC Filter

Bree Engineering model number 800825 is one in a series of 4 filters.

GPS DiplexerGPS Diplexer

A diplexer for the GPS bands of L1 and L2.

GPS Diplex Band SplitterGPS Diplex Band Splitter

A series of filters includes a surface mount package with a common input to high pass and low pass filters.

Highpass / Lowpass DiplexeHighpass / Lowpass Diplexer

A family of elliptic function diplexers optimized for extended 50 ohm match.

Low Profile Surface Mount LC FilterBroadband Filter Bank

800300 - 800302
This bank of three filters utilizes a broadband filter synthesis technique to realize highly selective filtering for the 1.7 GHz IF band.

PCB Mounted LC FilterPCB Mounted LC Filter

Bree Engineering's 4 section high performance lumped element filter at 700 MHz.

Surface Mount LC Filter with LeadsSurface Mount LC Filter with Leads

Bree Engineering's high density surface mount filter featuring gull wing lead pins for input, output and grounding.

Combline FilterCombline Filter

Bree Engineering's 7 section high Q filter at 1.7 GHz.

Non-Reflective FilterNon-Reflective Filter

With typical performance of a six-section filter this unique design utilizes internal circuitry to absorb all mismatch well into the extended passband.

High Power Low-pass FilterHigh Power Low-pass Filter

Bree Engineering's 13 element elliptic low-pass filter. Its construction allows for handling 120 watts CW power.

Miniature Combline Cavity FilterMiniature Combline Cavity Filter

This cavity filter combines high performance with a small foot print.

Asymmetrical Filter BankAsymmetrical Filter Bank

800097 - 800099
This bank of three filters utilizes a non-symmetrical skirt selectivity response to minimize size and costs while maximizing specialized custom requirements.

High Power Band Splitter High Power Band Splitter

A series of high power filters includes a diplexer capable of splitting the UHF and GPS bands while handling 50 watts of contiguous power.

High Power Bias THigh Power Bias T

Bree Engineering part number 800105 is a three port biased T capable of handling over 1,000 watts dc and 10 watts of RF power.

Image Reject Combline FilterImage Reject Combline Filter

Bree Engineering model number 800552 is a 4 section high Q combline filter at 1.4 GHz.

Ultra High Q Lumped Element FilterUltra High Q Lumped Element Filter

Bree Engineering part number 800150 is used as the IF discriminator filter in a High Probability Tracking Radar (HPTR).

High Pass FilterHigh Pass Filter

A Series of high pass filters includes a broadband image cleanup filter.

Clean-up High Pass FilterClean-up High Pass Filter

A series of high pass filters includes a broad band image cleanup filter.

Clean-up Lowpass FilterClean-up Lowpass Filter

A Lowpass filter in a coaxial package for interface outside the system package.

Bandreject Cellular/PCS Test Station Cleanup FilterBandreject Cellular/PCS Test Station Cleanup Filter

This series of bandreject filters far exceeds the applications original needs. The passbands of interest are the cellular at 700 to 894 MHz and the PCS at 1850 to 2000 MHz.