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SMT Packages

SMT Package sizes
Outline Drawings
1 1/2" Length Standard
Solder Mask
1"  Length Standard
Solder Mask
3/4"  Length Standard
Solder Mask
1/2"  Length Standard
Solder Mask

The surface mount packages shown above represent the base core style of our surface mount technology. The packages are offered in both straight metallization and solder mask. Links to the detailed outline drawings are shown to the side. Click here for a link to a matrix of many application specific versions Bree offers for surface mount technology.

All surface mount packages can be applied using SN 62 solder. They can also be made using higher temperature solders allowing installation using SN95 solder. See the link to recommended solder profile.

The recommended frequency limit for these packages is 3GHz. However this can be extended to 6GHz + with special considerations for the 50 ohm input/output configuration. These considerations can be special test fixtures, matching circuits as part of the filter or other options as needed.

Our Standard Packages Benefits: